Roundup after our second event is a collaborative effort to help small businesses, charities and social enterprises with digital. At the event we pair mentors with people who want some help and advice. It’s free to attend. Mentors give their time for free. They don’t sell their services, they are genuinely there to help.

This is a short article about the latest event. If you’re interested to find out what happens at the events, this article is for you.

The latest was a couple of weeks ago (24th March) and we’re delighted to say the event was fully booked. We paired our seven mentors with a broad range of start-ups, small businesses, charities.

The diversity of people taking part is one of the most rewarding aspects of Attendees included local roofing company, Dobson Roofing, charity Active Independence, and start-up Bullion Chocolate all under the same roof (venue provided by the good folk at Sheffield Hallam University).

How it works

The format for the event is simple. Pairs roughly have 1 hour split into two 30 minute halves. In the first half the pairs discuss the challenges to try and uncover problems and in the second half they discuss solutions and collaboratively create an action plan.

Example of a presentation

What happens next is up to the the pairs. Some people might want to come back again to show how they got on and talk about the next set of challenges, or for some people one session is enough to get cracking. It’s been lovely hearing how mentors and attendees have stayed in touch between events.

“The mentor was a perfect match” Max (Bullion Chocolate)


As continues to grow and evolve we have been measuring its success by different factors. For instance, the first measurement was:

Will anyone want to donate their time?

Yes, amazingly over 20 people from the digital community have volunteered to be mentors.

Will anyone want to attend?

Yes, the first event was limited to four pairings, the second was seven, and the next one should be even bigger.

Does it help?

This is the thing we will always keep measuring. The feedback so far has been positive and really helpful showing us how to keep improving.

It’s also worth mentioning that the event was founded, and is currently organised by, Paper (a research and design studio in Sheffield). But it’s not supposed to be the Paper show. Eventually our long term goal is that the community begins to self-organise the event.

“The one-to-one mentor advice was great. Also, the other mentors walking round were really helpful, they all had excellent advice. I now have a clear plan that’s a lot easier and quicker than I first envisaged to get my company andf the ground. Thank you!” Beth (Creative Subtitles)