Our mentors

We have a group of great mentors who have given up their time to support legup.social.

  • A photo of Imogen Lassen

    Imogen Lassen

    At work my role covers all aspects of project and account management, delivering anything from small scale campaigns to complex website redevelopment projects.

    With my practical and organised approach, I can help with time and budget planning as well as defining the creative requirements and the technical solution. From there it’s just a case of keeping everything on track!


  • A photo of Cari Kirby

    Cari Kirby

    I have over 10 years experience shaping and delivering marketing strategies across a wide range of industries and markets, working on both national and international brands and campaigns. I've worked for agencies, as a freelance consultant and now as a marketing manager in the digital sector.
    I'm looking forward to hearing about what you're trying to achieve and helping you make your marketing more effective, making sure your key messages are hitting the right audiences, in the right place at the right time.


  • A photo of Laura Bennett

    Laura Bennett

    I currently work in the digital tech sector, designing & running peer-to-peer learning programmes for entrepreneurs. I worked in the non-profit sector for 6 years with a focus on international development. I can help you take a strategic look at various aspects of your organisation, ranging from mission & vision and generating revenue, right through to increasing efficiency in systems & processes and improving internal communication.


  • A photo of Sophie Gibson

    Sophie Gibson

    I love helping people grow and develop their digital presence. I have worked for a small retailer and I currently work in an agency, with experience in social media, website analytics, email marketing, and search optimisation. I also run my own small business, so you’re in good company!


  • A photo of Sue Beckingham

    Sue Beckingham

    I’m a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and teach Digital Marketing at Sheffield Hallam University. I’m passionate about the use of social media to connect, communicate, curate, collaborate and create. I would love to help charities and small businesses develop an online presence using social media and storytelling.


  • A photo of Simon Redding

    Simon Redding

    Simon has worked in most areas of technology over 25 years in public, private & third sectors - including setting policy on some aspects for the UK government. He now works as a consultant & service designer as well as helping people to create new community services as a social entrepreneur and startup business adviser.


  • A photo of Emma Isaac

    Emma Isaac

    I’m a freelance Social Media Marketer. I recently founded a social media campaign about sustainable eating. Prior to this I worked for the UK Government for 8 years and then worked on Civil Service Reform projects and communications. I can help you with understanding your customers and how to reach and engage them on social media by telling the story of your brand.

  • A photo of Dan Maw

    Dan Maw

    I’m a web developer turned award-winning agency owner with over a decade of experience in the digital world. My passion now lies with planning small actionable steps, that allow people to progress with much more focus and clarity edging towards success.


  • A photo of Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    I'm a Freelance Web Designer & Front-end Developer. I have 15 years experience designing and building websites and I’d like to help the Sheffield community with their digital requirements.


  • A photo of Lisa Maltby

    Lisa Maltby

    I am an illustrator, graphic designer and all round creative problem solver, working across design, advertising, publishing and editorial. I have worked in the creative industry for over ten years, with roles that include working in-house in a busy marketing department, a senior designer within a design consultancy and now as a freelance creative.
    I can help you to develop effective visual solutions and tone of voice in order to communicate better with your target audience.


  • A photo of Tim Brazier

    Tim Brazier

    I’m a producer, facilitator, service designer and all round digital do-er with experience in using Lean Startup to validate new ideas.
    From taking your ideas and turning them into real digital products and services to reviewing existing products and projects and getting them back on track, I can help you choose what steps to take next.


  • A photo of Gemma Barnes

    Gemma Barnes

    Initially starting out as a visual designer Gemma moved into UX design around 2011 and has been specialising in this field ever since. She uses a selection of research methods to paint a picture of the current landscape to be able to design solutions based on research, evidence and user feedback.


  • A photo of Martin Smith

    Martin Smith

    I’ve been designing and building websites for over 20 years now. These days I specialise in User experience research and design, helping you understand your users and how digital can help you and them. Although I still sometimes turn my hand to visual design, branding, photography, front end development and designing and building Internet of Things products.


  • A photo of Ellen Holcombe

    Ellen Holcombe

    Words. I write 'em, edit 'em, and check 'em for mistakes. From web copy to marketing emails, and even video scripts, I'll help you talk to the right people in the right way. If you have a problem or a brief that involves words, I'm your gal.


  • A photo of Abbas Arezoo

    Abbas Arezoo

    When I say digital I mean websites, UX, apps, email marketing, digital marketing and SEO. My main objective is to make digital products look and function beautifully across all browsers and devices.


  • A photo of Simon Holcombe

    Simon Holcombe

    A techy since the year dot but with a commercial head, I can help bridge the gap between digital technologies and your business. If you need to understand how the digital domain works and how to measure its effect on your business I can help explain and guide your decision making… oh, and I have a beard now.


  • A photo of Andy Mayer

    Andy Mayer

    With over 25 years experience in the tech industry, my passion is helping people figure out the best ways of applying digital technologies to solve problems that ultimately improve the world. I've spent the last 10 years running Yoomee, an agency in Sheffield that helps non-profits make new digital services for vulnerable communities.


  • A photo of Ben Franklin

    Ben Franklin

    I’m Head of Technical at a digital agency and I’ve got over 10 years experience building and developing web applications for a broad range of clients.
    I can help you with technical areas, from how things can be best specified, talk you through how websites are built and give advice and guidance from years


  • A photo of Craig Richardson

    Craig Richardson

    I'm a freelance web designer, specialising in building brands online. I have over 10 years experience creating and building websites and developing brands while working collaboratively with like minded clients from a variety of sectors.


  • A photo of John Jackson

    John Jackson

    To be honest, I’m a bit of a Marketing Geek. I have worked in major agencies over the past few years specialising in marketing strategy and application, with organic search at the heart of everything I do. In short, I help can you get found on the internet.


  • A photo of Iain Broome

    Iain Broome

    I'm a freelance copywriter, editor and content producer. I develop content strategies, turn complicated ideas into plain English and write thoughtful copy for print and screen. I have 15 years of experience and I'm here to help you find, understand and then speak to your audience clearly and concisely.


  • A photo of Adam Nicholson

    Adam Nicholson

    I've worked in Digital for 10 years in the education sector. I've been fortunate enough to experience a business from its relative infancy to becoming a market leader in its field.
    In that time I've grown and lead a client services/account management team before moving on to create and lead a Design Team.
    I have a broad experience in many areas of digital including management, sales, marketing, events, social media, UX/UI design, print/digital design.


  • A photo of Jessica Zeun

    Jessica Zeun

    I have worked in IT for over 20 years have seen technology and the internet in particular evolved massively in that time.
    My roles have included Support Technician, Network Manager, IT Manager and Senior Lecturer (teaching databases, digital marketing and website development at both Sheffield Universities) and I love to help small businesses with their IT and Digital Marketing needs.


  • A photo of Saul Cozens

    Saul Cozens

    I am a leader of digital teams with (too many) years experience of helping organisations build digital products and systems.
    If you need help understanding how to start (or finish) a project to build something online, then I can normally provide some pointers.


  • A photo of Louise Williams

    Louise Williams

    I'm a Digital Marketing Manager with over 10 years' consumer and business marketing experience.
    I can advise on how to use digital marketing - in particular social media - to achieve your business goals.